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A Holistic Approach to Healthcare

For those committed to health, good health is a birthright to enjoy. If you would like to improve your  health condition or reach a health goal that allows you to enjoy a better quality of life, we are here to help. With the spirit of service, our aim is to find outcomes that meet or exceed the patients' expectations.


Every patient is unique and requires an individualized assessment and treatment approach to reach their health goals. In this clinical practice, an integration of conventional medical care with complementary or alternative approaches help to deliver to our patients a more comprehensive and individualized care. 

With the goal of helping patients to realize their birthright of good health, we take a holistic approach and look at the patient as a whole in mind, body, and spirit.  We seek to find the cause of the health concerns and address it with the appropriate and timely treatment. 


Education is an integral part of patient care. With adequate knowledge and awareness, patients can take a proactive role in  their health recovery, and over time take a greater role in managing their own health and reduce their dependence on the healthcare system.

I was asked
"to what do you attribute

YOUR success?"


"Really good teachers", I said. Teachings can come from parents, friends,coworkers, nature, and various teaching institutions. We can be taught from children and the very old, from the living and those that have passed on, from the formally educated and those without any schooling. Teaching is an undervalued community service. Imagine what it would be like without their contribution towards our professional and personal development. Books can give us information but teaching from a living teacher brings teaching to life. It adds a dimension that books alone cannot provide. Good teachers not only help us learn but teach how to learn, an art that applies to the rest of our lives as we try to improve the life of others and ourselves and make our community a better place. Whether we are aware of what vital role teachers play in our life or not, we will be forever indebted to them.

Optimal Functionl Medicine



lifestyle counseling


Functional medicine supports metabolic issues to assist the body in healing itself.

Even with the best healthcare, the lack of proper nutrition can compromise health and healing. The best nutrition comes from foods that are properly grown. These foods have a mix of vitamins, minerals, and some known and unknown co-factors. 

Vitamins and minerals are not isolated elements in foods but are complexes. Also they are not found in large amounts as is seen in many supplements available today.  Each nutrient that is found in foods will synergisticly enhance the other nutrients within the food making large doses unnecessary. So one needs to eat nutrient dense foods, in which nutrients are found in their natural complex forms. When supplements are used, they should be whole food based supplements. These are not to be confused with terms such as, organic, natural, etc.These food based supplements are better processed by the body, can be tolerated for longer periods of time, and will help the body heal itself more efficiently.

There are companies that grow crops on land that is not mineral deficient, not exposed to pesticides, and fertilizers. Companies that have cold processes to retain the natural enzymes and nutrients of wholesome food. Physicians trained to advise patients what may be needed,how much,for how long and when will make supplementation more efficient.



of traditional and holistic medicine


 With the goal of helping patients to realize good health, a holistic approach and look at the patient as a whole with mind, body, and spirit is taken. We seek to find the cause of the health concern and address it with the appropriate treatment and counseling.

In this clinical, treatment procedures are used that have little to no sides effects, minimally invasive, safe, effective, and that have withstood the test of time.  Medication usage is minimal and reduced as health improves over time. Surgery is only used as a last resort and can at times be avoided.  Patients receive education on diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise.  Treatment of pediatric, adults, and geriatric patients for any of their healthcare concerns are provided.

The founder of Osteopathic Medicine, Andrew Taylor Still, MD, shifted the practice of medicine out of the intent to better serve his community. A hands on approach to diagnosis and treatment utilizing the musculoskeletal system was used as a adjunct to traditional medical care to enhance the healing tendency of the body with any disease.

Optimal functional medicine
optimal functional medicine




"In the spirit of service, we welcome the opportunity to provide the art and science of individualized healthcare."

Rabindranath Tagore once said that " I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw life was service. I acted .... and behold, service was joy." 

In the spirit of true service, both the giver and the receiver experience and share joy. 

The founder of Osteopathy, Dr. A.T. Still, M.D., founded this profession out of the intent to better serve patients. The intent of service was key for his success and is central to the Osteopathic profession. ..."I love my fellow man, because I see God in his face and form." A.T. Still MD, DO

There are many regulatory factors in medicine today that compromise the physicians ability to deliver healthcare with the spirit of service. Regardless of these pressures, physicians as a whole do try to keep this spirit of service alive as it nurtures both physician and patient.

optimal functional medicine

Dr. Rajiv L. Yadava, DO

Board-Certified Osteopathic Physician & Surgeon


I am here to express my gratitude for you. What a gift you are for so many people, and I have to say that because I feel so much better, you really treat us to feel good. Thank you so much and may you and your family have a wonderful holidays.

Angela Jurgensen

Teacher Rockwood School District




Dr. Yadava listened to my questions, explained how the body functions as a whole and how each part affects another, and suggested some reading material. Within minutes of using Acupuncture and Osteopathic manipulation, Dr. Yadava relieved the chronic pain. I slept in my bed that night. I had nearly given up before this. Over the years, I have referred many family and friends to him.

Judy Sumpter


I soon found my body quickly and finally adapting to living in St. Louis, and my energy level soared. Ever since then, Dr. Yadava has became a vital part of my holistic health maintenance provider in St. Louis.

Hao Zheng

Professional Engineer





This man is only in business to help you, really help you without the use of any harmful pharmaceutical drugs. He does amazing work and truly cares about every individual patient. You arrive at your appointment on time, you're seen immediately and most of the time, he spends a full hour with you. I stress to anyone who is having any kind of medical issues to go visit him.

Bill Donius

Professional Electrician

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Optimal Functional Medicine

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