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Optimal Functional Medicine

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Osteopathic Medicine can address all aspects of a patients healthcare concerns. Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine from its inception was integrated into traditional medical care as an added diagnostic and treatment approach for healthcare issues. Whether it be a bowel or respiratory disorder, musculoskeletal disorder and headaches, chronic infections, or for pregnancy related issues and newborns, Osteopathy has something to offer. 

What conditions may benefit from this holistic approach?


Concussion (post-concussion syndrome, traumatic brain injury), pregnancy related issues, menstrual related disorders, asthma, sinus related disorders like frequent colds, allergies, recurrent sore throats, carpal tunnel syndrome, headache of all kinds including migraines, multiple types of musculoskeletal pain, orthodontic issues like TMJ, various bowel related issues, urinary complaints, dizziness, postural issues like scoliosis, various pediatric complaints like ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, colic, behavioral problems, developmental delays, learning disorders, failure to thrive, chronic otitis media (ear infections), plagiocephaly, spitting up, strabismus (crossed-eyes or lazy eyes), sucking issues, sleeping difficulties, arthritis, fribromyalgia, fatigue.

Below is a list of conditions commonly helped with Osteopathic Medicine 
(courtesy of Boston Osteopathic Healthcare)

— Orthodontic Problems
— TMJ Syndrome
— Malocclusion

— Constipation
— Irritable Bowel Syndrome
— Nausea

Ear, Nose, and Throat
— Chronic Ear Infections
— Chronic Tonsillitis
— Sinusitis

— Congenital Malformations
— Down Syndrome

— Genetic Evaluation and Counseling

— MTHFR - Evaluation and Care

— Bedwetting
— Prostatitis
— Stress Incontinence


— Evaluation and Care

— Dizziness and Vertigo
— Traumatic Brain Injury    (TBI)
— Migraine Headaches
— Post Concussion Syndrome
— Post-MVA Inertial Injury    (Whiplash)
— Seizures
— Visual Disturbances

— Kyphosis
— Lordosis
— Postural Imbalances
— Scoliosis

— Autism
— Behavioral Problems
— Cerebral Palsy
— Colic
— Developmental Delays
— Failure to Thrive
— Learning Disorders
— Otitis Media (ear  infections)
— Plagiocephaly  (misshaped head)
— Spitting Up
— Strabismus (Crossed-  Eyes or Lazy Eye)
— Sucking Difficulties

— Back Pain
— Groin Pain
— Varicose Veins
— Prevention of Labor Problems

— Anxiety
— Depression
— Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
— Sleep Disturbances

— Allergies
— Asthma
— Bronchitis
— Frequent Colds
— Recurrent Sore Throats

— Arthritis
— Fibromyalgia

Optimal Functional Medicine

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