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            Media for purchase

                                                                                            Cost is $20 plus shipping and handling 

To order contact:    Rajiv L.Yadava                                                           Phone:  314-821-7577

                                     1050 Old Des Peres Road, Suite 100                  Email :

                                     St. Louis, Missouri 63131 



There are 2 Lecture titles on 1 CD:                              

                                                "Osteopathy: An Act of Love"  ( appox. 36 minutes )

This discusses the importance of love as the foundation of successful Osteopathic practice. From its beginning and into the present Osteopathy could not have been discovered nor kept alive in its purity, as Dr. Still envisioned it, without this fulcrum of love. Love is a is a foundational  principle of life and in Osteopathy we are dealing with principles of life. Therefore an intimate understanding of this principle is prerequisite to understanding Osteopathy.


                                    " The Life and Work of Robert C. Fulford, DO" ( approx. 41 minutes )


This presentation is centered around the humanity of Dr. Robert C. Fulford, DO. Things have been stated about Dr. Fulfords life and work that are not true.Clarification regarding Dr. Fulfords life and ideas are discussed. Understanding a great soul like Dr. Fulford can be elusive. He gave short replies to inquires that may have desired more explanation. Finally, the conclusion purposes what the Osteopathic profession could do to improve an earlier recognition of such a gifted resource like Dr. Fulford.

                                                                                                             From the back cover of audio CD

Osteopathic Medicine Series, by Rajiv L Yadava, DO

Optimal Functional Medicine

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