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Osteopathic Manipulation

“Disease in an abnormal body is just as natural as is Health when all the parts are in place.”...A.T. Still MD, DO

" Treatment is not simply a readjustment of bones, but applying the touch that sets free the chemicals of life as     nature designs."  ... A.T. Still MD, DO


Osteopathy incorporates surgery and pharmaceutical agents when needed but offers a unique means of assessment and treatment where structure and function are simultaneously considered and addressed as taught by the founder of Osteopathic Medicine,  A. T. Still MD, DO.

Osteopathy blends both 1) structure …as it relates to matter and science  and  2) function…. as it relates to the art and spirit. There is a gross anatomical component and a subtle fluid component involved.

“Before you can go out in the world and fight the fight, you must master human anatomy and physical laws”….A. T. Still, MD, DO

“As an electrician controls electric currents, so an osteopath control life currents and revives suspended forces.” …A. T. Still MD, DO

“We know life by its motion.”…. A. T. Still MD, DO

"We speak of life, but know of it only as we see bodies move by life back of the visible matter." … A.T. Still  MD,DO

Dr. Sutherland is credited with discovering Cranial Osteopathy. He was a student of Dr. Still. He started working out his understanding of Cranial Osteopathy starting in 1899. After decades of study he then shared it with the rest of the profession.


Primary respiratory mechanism, as Dr. Sutherland DO called it, animates life and motion.

“The 1st principle in the primary respiratory mechanism,…has a potency with intelligence, as I found out.” ….Dr. Sutherland, DO

Dr. Still used the word Osteopathy as a place to start ones evaluation as the remainder of the anatomy is connected to it to give it form. It is the anchor from which the remainder of the anatomy can be accessed. It was not just about the bones. That was just the beginning and from there one would have additional information to assesses, understand, and seek a solution.

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